Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco


“Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” by Panic! At The Disco
Written by: Allison

Panic! At The Disco aired a music video for one of the songs off their newest album yesterday! “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” from Death Of A Bachelor is no exception to the band’s reputation for insanely creative and off the wall music videos.

The song itself starts with a familiar tune from B-52’s hit “Rock Lobster” and incorporates it throughout the song. Brendon’s amazing vocals over the catchy, upbeat melody make it nearly impossible to get this song out of your head. Romanticizing the idea of going out and having a crazy, reckless, fun time is the theme throughout the song. The song is full of paradoxes and ironies that all come in the aftermath of a night full of chaos. PATD is looking at bad experiences full of confusion and chaos and talking about how great they are. Most people might find it hard to see the appeal in what they’re singing about, but he essentially tells us to not “tempt” him with this kind of experience because he’ll take us up on it.Whether the positives are all made up in his head or not, the theme of the whole album seems to be turning bad situations into good ones.

The video itself starts out as you’d expect a night out from to start, all from the point of view of a girl. Making her way through the club of people who have already been partying, she sits to grab a drink at the bar when she meets none other than Brendon Urie. A few more drinks and the two hit the dance floor. Things seem to get a little bit crazier, but as the lyrics say, “...there’s no such thing as getting out of hand.”

“Champagne, cocaine, gasoline, and most things in between” describes just how the night is escalating. Snippits shown of the two of them dancing in the middle of the crowd progressively get more and more intense- even a bit trippy. So intense that one of her legs turns into something that looks like the arm of an octopus?

When he notices the footprints “don’t look very human like,” the video flips… Brenden doesn’t seem as eager to keep up with this chick, but she keeps giving him more and more drinks. This is probably around the time Brendon wanted to wake up, but honestly couldn’t tell if it all was a dream or not. Hammered, the two leave the club and end up back at her place, but once things seem normal again… tentacles. Turns out those footprints weren’t human at all! The girl who seemed to be like any other girl at the bar turned out to be some man-eating monster. Which is a symbol for When she went to the bathroom to get ready for another day, she changed into… Brendon?! Weird and twisted, but that’s the Panic! we all know and love! “And we all fell down when the sun came up, I think we've had enough” It’s a hell of a feeling indeed… Like something out of the twilight zone.

Totally off the wall and unexpected. The only thing we could have possibly guessed prior to its release is that his music video would be CRAZY. Panic! At The Disco never disappoints and earned a 10/10 for this video. Check it out and tell us what you thought?
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Posted on June 8, 2016 .