Dissolved - Being As An Ocean


“Dissolved” by Being As An Ocean
Written by: Miguel *new reviewer*
Edited by: Tori

There is always someone who takes you for granted. They don’t see how much you truly love them, no matter how hard you try. Being As An Ocean perfectly reflects this emotive topic in their newest music video and single of 2016, “Dissolved.”
The video itself took more of a traditional approach by showing the band performing the song with a few glimpses of the band lighting fireworks throughout the video, but it did not offer a story. However, the videography in the video suited the atmospheric feel of the song superbly.
Despite the video lacking a story, the song completely makes up for it. Being As An Ocean took a more gentle and soothing approach to this song compared to their other singles, due to it’s fully clean vocals. This may upset some fans, but I think it is one of their best songs they have ever released! Joel and Michael’s voices complimented each other evenly throughout the song. The verses are slow, but full of energy because of Joel’s stunning and unique vocals; alongside the almighty, powerful, chorus and all the instruments accompanying Michael’s breathtaking clean vocals. 
Lyrically, “Dissolved” is very meaningful and deep. “How could you have looked and seen anything but compassion.” It is really disheartening to love someone with all your heart but in turn they don’t even notice your love for them. The lyrics reflects on the person who suffers the pain in these situations and I’m sure many of us can relate to this.
I’d give this music video a rating of 9/10. The song itself is flawless but if there was a story in the video that reflected the lyrics, then it would have gotten a perfect score! Great job, Being As An Ocean!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .