Devils - It Lives, It Breathes (ft. Jonny Craig)


"Devils" by It Lives, It Breathes (ft. Jonny Craig)
Written by: Lexie

On February 27, It Lives, It Breathes released a music video for their track "Devils," which features vocals lent from Jonny Craig. This song has such a lighthearted, buoyant sound, which blends seamlessly with the accompanying edgy vocals. The overall, uplifted sound appropriately backs the song's lyrics, which express a desire to overcome setbacks and obstacles -- our "devils."
This video is particularly unique in its design because of its animated quality. The entire video depicts the band performing, but as a red and white animation. 
Overall, I'd rate this piece a 7 out of 10; it had a great sound and a unique visual! Check it out for yourself NOW on YouTube or at Alternative Press! If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the rest of the latest album from It Lives, It Breathes -- Silver Knights! 
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Posted on June 8, 2016 .