Crazy - Farewell, My Love


"Crazy" by Farewell, My Love
Written by: Tori

Farewell, My Love are the Jekyll and Hyde in our eyes- Lovers <#, prepare to lose your minds and get some crazy eyes. Losing our heads over their strong and stunning comeback, we are gifted the masterpiece of their brand new music video, "Crazy"- released and premiered through Revolver Magazine! Giving prominence to their revival, Farewell My Love light up the scene with brighter beaming lights, vibrant colors, and some may say Burtonesque qualities- making this music video strike the eye above many others in the industry. 
Taking you on a trip to Mr. Scarlett's freakshow, we see the four go through a series of unfortunate events and challenges while we enjoy earcandy, "Crazy". Getting pulled through doors, laying in a bed of nails, swallowing swords, and more, our jaws drop. But it's really when the song starts playing that your jaw is already detached from your face 😉

The song itself is dangerously hypnotizing, luring you in to replay over and over. Discussing feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, Farewell helps you fall in love with your oddities and quirks! 
Newest member, guitarist London Mckuffey, finally gets some time in the spotlight- "Crazy" being his first music video with F,ML.
As much as you want to find words to describe these men, you can only find one that defines them and that is: unique. There is no one like them- musically and artistically. Their individualistic spin on something as simple as feeling anxious is illustrated so newly through unthinkable imagery and metaphorically grabs you by the neck to shake you crazy! Their music style is inimitable and crafty. They truly have created their own identity, following no common mannerism or outline the scene has today.
Are you up for Mr. Scarlett's challenges? Check out the music video below and let us know what YOU think!


Break Free gives "Crazy" a 1000+/10. I don't typically say this, but they are the next big thing.

PREPARE yourself for the Lovers <# to dominate.... more to come soon But for now... "Crazy" is available for your loving cravings.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .