Colors - Halsey


"Colors" by Halsey
Written by: Lexie

February 25, Halsey released a music video for her track "Colors." This overall piece is fun, quirky, and easy on the ears, but it follows a familiar structure in both its sound and presentation.
Regarding the song itself, this piece is lighthearted and has a fun beat. It sounds exactly like the sort of song you'd want to hear in the summer -- its sound evokes that same sense of carelessness and excitement that's usually associated with the season. It's reminiscent to many summer-anthems of the past, and I wouldn't be surprised if we heard more of "Colors" in the upcoming months! The message behind the lyrics contrasts with the sound, in that it seems to discuss how the two different "colors" -- blue and purple -- cannot seem to come together. Halsey sings of unrequited love, and the resulting admiration from afar -- a heartbreaking theme we're all familiar with.
The video follows an elaborate plot, where we follow Halsey's character to a prep-school, and watch as her somber story unfolds. What makes the video ironic, and have an artistic twist, is how the video's visual contrasts with the literal wording of the lyrics. Everyone is dressed predominantly white, and lacking the "color" and vibrancy one would anticipate from this video. Everything is lightly laced with blue trim, referencing the theme of the love interest.
Overall, I'd rate this entire piece a 6.5 out of 10. While it isn't bad, it seems to be all too familiar. Check this video out NOW on YouTube and see what YOU think! You can download this song and the rest of Halsey's album "Badlands" TODAY on iTunes!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .