Chemical Prisoner - Falling In Reverse


"Chemical Prisoner" by Falling In Reverse
Written by: Lexie

TODAY, Falling In Reverse released a music video for their song "Chemical Prisoner." For this particular song, a variety of components comes together to make an overall masterpiece -- it would be difficult for anyone to deny the elaborate design, thought, and emotion that went into this work.
To begin, I love how this song's sound and its lyrical content oppose each other, but simultaneously create a powerful understanding of the song. Solely considering the sound, the upbeat instrumentals and Ronnie Radke's classic, riled-up vocals create an exciting, energetic vibe. The video also seems -- initially -- simple enough; it features the band performing in the middle of a desolate area, while occasionally depicting Radke and other bikers enjoying a pleasant, sun-lit ride on their motorcycles.
Upon further inspection, audiences can understand the truly heavy, somber nature of the song and video. Taking the time to understand the song's lyrics, it is clear that this song expresses the struggle of substance abuse. Radke sings about the desire to abandon substance dependency, but also addresses the distress that comes with ending life as a "chemical prisoner." Bearing this in mind, tiny details of the video take on more significance. The makeshift church, with a crude cross (constructed out of stakes from a picket-fence) hanging above the doorway, suddenly becomes a symbol for hope and faith -- something one must create for his- or herself. The motorcycle ride then becomes a personal journey to a better, healthier life. Because of all of these incredible qualities, I would rate this song and video a 10 out of 10. Check out this song for yourself NOW, and see what YOU think!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .