Beautiful Pain - Andy Black


"Beautiful Pain" by Andy Black
Written by : Tori

Bubbly pop with a chillaxing vibe, contrasting with its darker, not so yippy-skippy, message that later blossoms into an impacting flower... Andy Black is bringing us a sweet new track, titled "Beautiful Pain"- off of his soon to be released album, "The Shadow Side".
Starting with..."You're life was a shooting star. That burned out way too fast and all the memories of that dream that's built to last. Don't wannawait, wanna wait, wanna wait for the next panic attack... " to a message about remembering the good things life has to offer; and that this pain will beautifully sculpt you in the end "to find what you're looking for" - yourself!
The lyric could potentially reference finding yourself through the pain you went through to later, once again, find that spark that created your shooting star. Lyrically, the song can also reference moving forward from a break up that wasn't so easy to break off of. But later gaining the strength to break free () and let them be happy with their life while you move on to be happy with yours too.
Having an upbeat, whimsical, and up-in-the-clouds, happy tone can encourage listeners to also be happy even in cloudy situations they may face.
The words "Beautiful Pain" personifies pain as beautiful, which I thought was quite an awesome oxymoron fit perfectly for the song. That oxymoron may be overused, but this song is as new and original as uniqueness can be- Kind of has an Owl City skipping through the meadows with Melanie Martinez to meet the piano man sound, ya feel? It's definitely a new direction for Andy Biersack, but we're excited and expect nothing but excellence from "The Shadow Side" releasing May 6th!!!! Be sure to pre-order his album before it's too late to get some awesome tunes!! And not to forget to mention to purchase VIP and General Admission for the upcoming Homecoming Tour! It's a monumental tour you're not going to want to miss.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .