Something New - Set It Off


"Something New" by Set It Off
Written by: Reagan

Set It Off is back at it again with a feel-good anthem to get you off your feet and dance! Their new song "Something New" off their new album 'Upside Down' (out October 7th via Equal Vision Records) surely does not disappoint.

"Something New" takes Set It Off down a pop-y path that has been gradually creeping up through the band's evolution from 'Cinematics' to 'Duality.' 'Upside Down' is predicted to drive it home even more. The music video is the perfect accompaniment to the single. The two go hand in hand to inspire their fans to reach outside their comfort zone, live life without regrets, and full of new adventures. Try "something new" and face your fears.

This video is filmed as a documentary with real life footage of each member of the band gaining the courage to face their biggest fear. Cody Carson comes face to face with a snake🐍 while Zach Dewall faces a spider. Dan Clermont won't allow his fear of heights stop him from having fun as Maxx Danziger steps into the ring with a pro wrestlerIt shows it's alright to have fears, but once you conquer them, everything will turn out ok in the end. It's a cliche message shown in a visually appealing and exciting way.

Cody Carson sings about having the fear of never changing anything. It's an important message because all too often we get stuck in a rut. Life is short, so why live in a never ending cycle? Throughout the video, the band decides to change things up a bit and throw some surprise into the mix. They perform in a van, in a bouncy house, and underwater. Dan Clermont plays the trumpet as an ode to their high school marching band days, they have "zorb" fights (watch the video to see what that is)😉, and they play trampoline basketball. The possibilities in this video are limitless.

The band is seen as REAL people living their day to day lives with a little pzazz thrown in. They're humans too, and if they can turn anything into an adventure, so can you. "Something New" is a motivator to the listeners and viewers.

The ending, oh the ending, is the BEST ending of all time. Go check it out to watch Dan Clermont scream his lungs out on an amusement park ride as Cody Carson laughs at him. It's their perfect ending to their perfect risk-taking day

Posted on June 30, 2016 .