Fake My Own Death - Sum 41


"Fake My Own Death" by Sum 41
Written by: Reagan

WE'VE BEEN WAITING 5 YEARS FOR THIS MOMENT!! Sum 41 dropped their new music video for their brand new single "Fake My Own Death" off their comeback album '13 Voices' out October 7th via Hopeless Records.

All expectations are exceeded. The comeback is strong, and Sum 41 cannot be ignored! Based off this preview of what's to come, fans since the beginning, and new fans alike, will both be able to agree that despite the 5 year wait, Sum 41 haven't lost their touch. Their original sound is still present in "Fake My Own Death" and is sure to please the listeners and the viewers. They continue to have the early 2000's punk sound that started the pop-punk revolution taking over music today. It's fun, it's kick ass, it's in your face, but it's also deep and heartfelt. It's the perfect combination.

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, this video takes the viewer on a journey through today's nightmare of a society. It's comical while not straying too far from the original message. Sum 41 stands atop a Los Angeles building while being attacked by the shallow figures of today's pop culture. They look down at the city it once was until Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and every internet meme imaginable make an appearance to pummel the band and blow up the remains of the city.

While being entertaining to watch, the video portrays the message of feelings trapped in a world with false satisfaction. The world has become self absorbed, and the only escape people can find is a fantasy world behind a computer screen. We've become our own worst nightmare. Deryck Whibley sings about feeling stuck, and as if there's nowhere to run. After battling personal demons, he wants to be set free. Buildings burn to the ground as a symbol of mental instability and having no way out. "You've got to take me away cause I wanna feel something that's real." Longing to feel something real, looking around, it's impossible. Nothing is real anymore. Society is saturated.

The video is an interesting accompaniment to the song as a way to serve as a warning to the dumbing down of today's youth. It's as if Sum 41 is trying to get their message across, but they can't. Why? Because we're distracted by social media and self centered, money hungry icons. There's no depth anymore. Society has exploded and burned away.

Two thumbs up to Sum 41 for successfully tackling such a predominant issue! If you want something deep, here it is. If you just want a fun video to watch and be able to have a laugh at, here it is as well. No disappointment here. The release of this single makes the new album '13 Voices' that much more highly anticipated!

Posted on June 30, 2016 .