Never, Forever - Chelsea Grin


"Never, Forever" by Chelsea Grin
Written by: Reagan
Edited by: Miguel

Are you prepared for MORE Chelsea Grin?!?! Today, Chelsea Grin dropped their new song "Never,Forever" off their new album Self Inflicted, out July 1st, and this made us even more excited to see what else they have in store for us!

"Never, Forever" takes the band on a whole new musical journey. While still keeping elements that Chelsea Grin fans have loved from the beginning, they've gone from a typical deathcore sound to a harder rock sound. There are definitely no lack of screams, but they have strayed away from the deep growls. It's nice for a band to mix it up because it gives us something different to listen to. The vocals are heavy and raspy, but still clean throughout the song. The screams come out in the chorus as a way to demonstrate the emotion and passion behind the lyrics, making the listener connect with the band emotionally. The vocals are quite different for Chelsea Grin, but the instrumentals will please those who struggle with change.

Quarter notes are kept on the crash cymbal with speedy work on the kick while the deep bass thumps play along. It's a mosher's paradise. Uniquely, later on into the song, the guitar breaks into a solo rather than a breakdown. This shows the blurring line in genre that Chelsea Grin is able to achieve. Tech elements are still thrown into the background to add variety to the sound and are kept constant throughout the tune to tie everything together. It's very cohesive despite the back and forth from screams to raspy cleans, and from heavy guitar to a smooth solo.

"Never, Forever" is different, but it's a good change and a breath of fresh air for the band. It gives a preview of the exciting new album to come and it's something that a wide array of music lovers can dig into!

Be sure to catch Chelsea Grin ALL SUMMER LONG on this year's Vans Warped Tour on the Monster Energy stage!

Posted on June 28, 2016 .