Phoenix - Juliet Simms


"Phoenix" by Juliet Simms
Written by: Reagan
Edited by: Miguel

Today, Juliet Simms released the lyric video for her song "Phoenix" off her upcoming EP "From The Grave" out July 15th. Once again she blows us away with her breathtaking voice. Based off this song alone, it's easily predicted the EP is going to be incredible!

This song is an anthem of self empowerment and rebirth after being struck with self doubt. The lyric video itself is aesthetically beautiful. The background is filled with gorgeous polaroids of Juliet to aid with the story of feeling confident again. This song is a very clear and true Juliet Simms tune as is it very simple musically giving her voice a chance to shine.

"Phoenix" is slow and calming while also having an epic chorus one can get lost in and sing along to. This song is so relatable and almost everyone can find a lyric they resonate with.

Juliet's passion for her work seeps through every word she sings, and the audience can feel it. It leaves the listener with a lasting feeling of power in their heart. "Phoenix", and the lyric video to go with it, are astonishing works of art.

Posted on June 24, 2016 .