No Future - Blink-182


"No Future" by Blink-182
Written by: Miguel

If you have been waiting for a new Blink-182 song then we have you covered because another catchy song from their upcoming album “California” has been released.

Blink-182 released “No Future” as a lyric video about the prospect of reaching your goals while not letting anyone derail you from your ambitions. The lyrics protruded over the white sky and on the black buildings about being stuck and having no future; feeling like it’s "too late to try" but that nagging side of you over the skylines positively thinks, "I'll smile" and "hope for so much more" and that someday your dream will come true.

The song takes on the pop punk genre, however, it seems that it was more heavily influenced by pop. This can be seen as positive but can be negative for the longtime fans. Mark Hoppus vocalizes the first verse with a tranquil and monotone-like voice which, along with the other instruments, transitions fluently through to the tuneful chorus. Matt Skiba sings the second verse in a very articulate manner with an effective, distinctive timbre sound in his voice. The combination of both vocalists were powerful and they suited each other perfectly.

“No Future” earns a 7.5 out of 10. While it is a catchy and well written song, it felt a bit bland sometimes and the lyrics could be better overall. The change in sound can also be a disappointment but they are trying something new and it will surely widen their audience. We are excited to hear more from Blink-182’s comeback album and if you haven’t already, go pre-order the album and let us know your thoughts on “No Future!”

Posted on June 24, 2016 .