Ghostbusters! (I'm Not Afraid) - Fall Out Boy (ft. Missy Elliot)


"Ghostbusters! (I'm Not Afraid)" by Fall Out Boy (ft. Missy Elliot)
Written by: Reagan

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS🚫👻 Fall Out Boy covered the coveted classic "Ghostbusters" theme song by Ray Parker Jr. for the 2016 remake of the original 1984 movie. It'll be featured on the Soundtrack for the motion picture premiering July 15th. It's the perfect modern twist on the song to fit the modern twist on the film. Nothing will ever beat the original, but this cover is a sure competitor. Fall Out Boy puts a rock n roll spin on the funky blues classic we all know and love so much. While the song is not originally theirs, they stay true to the strongly developed Fall Out Boy sound. Rock-pop guitar, simple drums, and the unmistakable vocals of Patrick Stump all ring clear throughout the cover. Besides the rock spin, to bring more modern music into it, Missy Elliott dives into a rap halfway through the tune. It brings the listeners attention back in. Right when you think you've heard it all, Missy Elliott proves you wrong and surprises the listener even more. As if this song wasn't already fun enough, it becomes even more of a Halloween party jam. The rap feature allows this cover to spread to more then one demographic of music fans. This cover is reminiscent enough to the original that it won't offend, but is different enough for the artists to demonstrate their own creativity. It'll be up by midnight on iTunes, Spotify and more! 
Don't be afraid of no ghost...go check it out!



Posted on June 24, 2016 .