BOOM BOOM ROOM - Payale Royale


"BOOM BOOM ROOM" by Payale Royale
Written by: Tori

Fall in love again with the classics... new innovators, Payale Royale, take you back to the hip-shaking, infectious, rock and roll days while putting a swinging bluesy modern twist to knock the socks off of the Modern Rock charts. Presenting their new album, "Boom Boom Room", off of Sumerian Records, we get not only a newer band to shine through and make their big break, but new talent brought to the table- full of tasteful originality. From the slow and emotional "Clockwork", to beaming jittery "Mr. Doctor Man", there's great diversity. Featuring special guest, Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, in "Ma Chérie", there's a lot of surprises and excitement in store.
Lead singer, Remington Leith, has a unique, raspy, and indie voice that lures you in, but not to under shadow other members, clever guitarist Sebastian Danzig, and inventive drummer Emerson Barrett. There's so much to love with these creative rockers. Personal favorites were "My Youth Generation", "Clockwork", "Warhol", & "Mr. Doctor Man".... or how about the all 13 tracks (including 2 bonus tracks)!

Poetic, stylish, and strutting Payale Royale will be rocking the stage at Vans Warped Tour all summer long! Go check them out, grab "Boom Boom Room" today, and meet the band! This beauty receives a 9 out of 10!!

Posted on June 24, 2016 .