Avalanche - Bring Me The Horizon


"Avalanche" by Bring Me The Horizon
Written by : Tori & Reagan

Bring Me The Horizon glide in with a brand new music video for their single, "Avalanche", from their latest album, "That's the Spirit". Echoing through our heads, a new love for this single has grown. The video is a collection of live shots, videos of driving, and fan reaction to their performance. Though this seems like a simple concept, BMTH take it to a whole new level- being the best live video we've seen yet! It's visually stunning! They continue to grow as artists with each and every release- the continual evolution is nothing shy of incredible, to witness. The viewer of the video gets to feel not only involved in the experience, but get a taste of the strong emotion, dedication, and effort they put in. From lights flashing in every direction, to fog machines blaring, and the band performing their hearts' out, you feel the energy spread in every moment of the set. Suspenseful from the start, Oli's voice creeps up into the mix as he announced "This song's called 'Avalanche' ", then BOO- an explosive drum fill and guitar fill the arena! Perfectly timing with the beginning of the chorus, we see the effects tie in with the lyrics of how loud, explosive, and eruptive an emotional avalanche would feel, as described in the lyrics. This track is a bit more on the pop-y rock side, but BMTH makes it their own, fresh sound that'll leave you breathless. Oli's vocals continue to get smoother and less raspy, catering to the pop tone. Gripping the microphone tightly as Oli says "it feels like hands around my neck", collapsing to the ground as the song slows down, and portraying an angered and pained emotion supported the lyrics and tied it all together perfectly. Though emotional relations are hard to push in a live video, and are can be better with a story, Bring Me The Horizon executed this music video perfectly and strike the audience regardless! Despite the lack of connection some may feel, the video deserves a standing ovation for the impeccable quality and for having each band member highlighted. Both fans involved and those at home can feel proud of what they're helping achieve. GO CHECK IT OUT NOW! It'll hit you like an avalanche! This video receives a 9 out of 10!

Posted on June 24, 2016 .