570 - Motionless In White


"570" by Motionless In White
Written by : Tori

The past meets the present in Motionless In White's newest single, "570". Our hometown heroes are satisfying the needs for those who miss the "Creatures" era, yet feeding those who adored the "Reincarnate" album. With faster music elements that carry a hint of "Carry the Torch", and addicting video game-like synth, we found your Warped Tour jam! Devious, dark, and heavy guitars preparing you for a throw down... electrifying synth that gets the energy flowing in your veins, whipping vocals that'll raise hell.... drums that throw in quick and focused military -styled rolls, creating a call and response between the vocals and percussion... what more could you ask for from these stirring and ebullient men?
The lyrics discuss knowing where you came from, the debate of trust, and learning from your mistakes. Using the phrase "Beguiled, betrayed, it's the price we pay, as trust will be our tomb". This hauntingly delicious imagery was used to have us step into the shoes of MIW to see that trust can "lead us to our death"- meaning that some of those they placed their trust in have proven to betray them; hence the lesson of how "you can rinse the surface, but the stain will remain". MIW provide matchless emotion within their lyrical content, this being one of heaviest songs, as far as emotion goes. Tying it all together, they express the final message that despite what they wanted initially, despite the hurt they've faced, they're going to rise up and succeed- learning from all of their past but forgetting the pain it carried.
With the single, MIW reveal a new artwork of a building with the name of "Scranton: The Electric City". Could this perhaps be new album artwork?😉 Stay tuned with us at Break Free to get more news on the upcoming works of Motionless In White! Be sure to grab a Vans Warped Tour ticket to see them live this summer and to also grab a TEI class with Chris Motionless to learn how to establish great networking skills and knowledge on how his life experiences with his relationships brought him to where he is today. 
This single receives an 8 out of 10! CATCH THEM WITH US ON VWT2016! 

Posted on June 24, 2016 .