Heathens - Twenty One Pilots


“Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots
Written by: Allison

Twenty One Pilots has put things out on rapid fire this week! Just a few days after their new song “Heathens” was leaked to the public, they’ve released a music video to go along with it! It has been just about a year since Josh and Tyler came out with new music, and getting a video within the same week is quite a treat for us! For those of you that haven’t heard the new track, “Heathens” takes you through some of the darker thoughts that go through troubled minds. A heathen is a person whose beliefs stand outside of the social “norms” and their new music video takes place somewhere it is very common to find heathens...

The opening scene is of a desolate, dark landscape which houses a high security prison. It’s a haunting image- panning through the dingy cell block of the prison with all the inmates arms hanging through the bars. As the song picks up, we see the newest prisoner make his way through. Who is he? Tyler Joseph himself. It doesn’t take long for Josh Dun to make his appearance as well- sitting with his full drum kit in one of the cells. The video is very dark and bland overall, except for the golden hue over the scenes with Josh, which give it a dream like quality. Flashing between Tyler singing in his cell are snippets of other inmates… who appear to be some of the Villains from the upcoming movie, “Suicide Squad.” After some very disturbing footage of the inmates in their cells, Tyler leaves the cell he was in and follows an apparition of Josh down to the basement of the jail. Here, there’s a small stage setup, where the two put on a small show for the other heathens that escaped their cells.

Rumors of the track being for the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad” were CONFIRMED when the band formally released the song with the album art and ability to download it officially on most music platforms. The full movie soundtrack will be available August 5th via Atlantic Records the same day the movie hits the theaters!! The video contains scenes from the movie featuring villains such as El Diablo, Killer Croc, and Harley Quinn which only heighten the anticipation for the film! The music video is powerful and accompanies the song perfectly, earning Twenty One Pilots another 10/10!

Posted on June 22, 2016 .