Never Alone - Stitched Up Heart


"Never Alone" by Stiched Up Heart
Written by: Reagan
Edited by: Miguel

The wait is FINALLY over! The debut full length album from Stitched Up Heart, "Never Alone," is HERE! It was released today, June 17th, off Another Century Records after much anticipation. This album lives up to all expectations created from the incredible previous single releases "Finally Free," "Monster," and "Event Horizon." Covering a broad spectrum of rock genres, "Never Alone" can cater to those who enjoy heavy elements instrumentally and vocally, while also having tracks that are much more soothing for those who enjoy something mellow. There are screams, breakdowns, clean vocals, slow songs, and intense songs and you can head bang, mosh, or you can be struck with emotion over the lyrics. Everyone can find something to adore about this album.

"Finally Free" kicks off the album with a crescendo intro to get the listener intrigued. It immediately grabs your attention and as soon as the drums hit you're hooked before the vocals even start. It sets the tone for the rest to come. The first 3 tracks are all extremely catchy and will get stuck in your head for days on out. Mixi's vocals are beautiful and in a lovely contrast with the heavier music accompanying her. Specifically, in "Monster," the high notes she is able to hit keep the listener on the edge of their seat waiting for more. It's definitely a favorite. Another favorite, "Catch Me When I Fall," also gives a chance for Mixi's vocals to be highlighted as the music fades behind her in the first half of the chorus giving the listener a chance to breathe before it picks up again. The lyrics carried throughout this track, as well as the entire album are very soft and heartfelt but also powerful and a release from life's burdens.

While getting into the music and moving down the track list, it becomes a bit disproportionate in tracks 4 and 8. "Event Horizon" and "Turn You On" are better individually rather than in the album as a whole. The musical vibe coming from "Event Horizon" seems slightly overmastered as the vocals are drowned out as well as in "Turn You On," making them stand out from the other tracks. Although they don't seem to fit, they draw attention back in because they're still just as catchy as the others. Slow tracks such as "Bleeding Out" and "Now That You're Gone" are nice to have in the mix. The last track "I Can't Breathe" has portions that are just vocals and piano. It shows that Stitched Up Heart is capable of achieving more than just one sound and can be versatile as a band which is one of the most important things to be able to do. Of course, it speeds up at times too because this album is high energy and it stays true to that at the same time.

James Decker breaks boundaries as a drummer and brings the undeniable energy to each and every track. The drums are insanely good. The skill and technique used by everyone sets the musical elements of this album apart from anything else. Merritt Goodwin's guitar playing blends beautifully with all other elements, and as said before, the contrast with Mixi's vocals is done flawlessly. It's what makes this band unique. The message that they were trying to get across through the stories in the lyrics is clear.

This album is HIGHLY recommended. Go pick it up! You will NOT be disappointed

Posted on June 18, 2016 .