Burn Out The Night - Farewell, My Love


"Burn Out The Night" by Farewell, My Love
Written by : Tori

Welcome to the show- where the bad ass rockers of Farewell, My Love shows you what energy, passion, and talent are meant to be - burning you out by the end of the night 😎 Premiering not only a new song, but a new video for the song, F, ML takes you to their show, meet & greet, and day in Bristol, UK on the British Horror Story Tour. Unleashing an involved crowd that you wish you could be a part of, these guys exemplify what it means to own a live show 😉 Through colors flashing everywhere while on stage, to off-stage time with fans being in black and white, you can see that their hearts' lie on the stage, as well as within their fans- that's where they unleash their true selves. "Burn Out the Night" discusses that some individuals create fabrications to invent a new person and use others to build themselves and their success- being living falsehood. Being a live show just shows you how real these men are and how passionate these fans truly are. The band says, "It's also a personal reminder that no matter how many temptations there may be out there to change you into something you're not comfortable being, to always stay true to yourself & what you believe is right. Life is too short to fake who you are in order to fit in". Be sure to check out the full video, premiered through Rocksound! New album, "Above It All" is set to release July 22nd through CRCL Records! 😉 Get your pre-order in today - score some bad ass merch too🎸👕 🎶Check out the video here: 

Posted on June 18, 2016 .