When I Come Home - SayWeCanFly


"When I Come Home" by SayWeCanFly
Written by: Lexie

TODAY, June 14th, SayWeCanFly released a music video for the track, "When I Come Home," and it is constructed in the most artistic and poetic way. This video beautifully compliments the emotional nature of the song.

Upon the video's opening, there is a peaceful, sunny setting, with a focus on Braden Barrie's car pulling away. The music coincides with the video's tone, with soft, gentle instrumentals and vocals. As the video and song progress, the audience understands that Barrie is headed home, along with worrisome thoughts about the person he is returning to. These anxieties are materialized when the video portrays the darkness as Barrie "half-dead," holding cards with statements like, "You have been forgotten."

The video continues with the sky darkening, and showing Barrie slowly making the transformation into his darker self, as he drives. To emphasize the gravity of this scene, the music picks up, and is suddenly loaded with more passion and intensity. Barrie pulls over, and finds the discouraging cards -- which were flashed earlier -- in the trunk of his car. From here, the music once again softens, and Barrie departs from his car, and walks into the sunlight with his guitar.

I found this video to be absolutely beautiful. It really emphasized the overall theme and tone of the song, and I greatly appreciated the artistic qualities of the accompanying visual. Overall, I would rate this video a 9 out of 10! Be sure to watch this video for yourself TODAY on YouTube and let us know what you think!

If you like what you hear, you can purchase this song, along with the rest of SayWeCanFly's EP "Darling" on iTunes -- available NOW!

Posted on June 15, 2016 .