This Is Where Death Begins - Combichrist


"This Is Where Death Begins" by Combichrist
Written by: Reagan
Edited by: Tori

Combichrist surely does not disappoint with their release of, brand new album, "This Is Where Death Begins"! Releasing of built up angst- perfect for the days when you need an intense stress reliever in the form of rad solos, heavy drums, and powerful vocals; it takes the listener away into an enraged trance. Tunes such as “Skullcrusher” and “Destroy Everything” are aggressive anthems for one to headbang and party to. A few of the songs tend to sound similar with the low tuned heavy guitar mixed with tech elements, so to draw attention back in, cries of agony sound through “Black Tar Dove pt. 1” finished off with strong steady drum hits in “Black Tar Dove pt. 2”. While cooling down from heavier tunes, Combichrist provides the listener with slower songs such as “Homeward” to end the album. This album will please people who enjoy something intense and heavy, but who are not too into screaming! Check it out now 😉

Posted on June 15, 2016 .