Mark Of The Blade - Whitechapel


"Mark Of The Blade” by Whitechapel
Written by: Miguel

If you are looking for an album to mosh, head bang, and go crazy to, then look no further because Whitechapel’s latest album “Mark of the Blade” will fulfill those desires in a heartbeat.

The album delivers a true deathcore experience throughout besides three songs. “Bring Me Home” and “Decennium” bring somethings new to Whitechapel’s typical sound by welcoming us with Phil Bozeman’s clean singing. This may upset some of the hardcore fans but it brings something new to the table since it adds diversity. “Brotherhood” was a fully instrumental song with acoustic guitars followed by a sudden change of tone with the heavy and eerie electric guitars and atmospheric outro. If you’re not a fan of the clean vocals or instrumentals then the rest of the album is filled with crushing screams, dark melodic guitar riffs and we can’t forget about the well written guitar solos! The only negative of the album is that some of the songs seemed a bit similar.

We have been waiting two years for the album and Whitechapel mostly stuck to their genre while giving us some new flavours. “Mark of the Blade” gets an 8 out of 10 and it’s surely an album worth picking up for you metal-heads out there! Be sure to catch Whitechapel on this year’s Warped Tour and also guitarist, Ben Savage, is having ThinkTEI workshops on guitar techniques during warped tour so don’t forget to order your tickets!

Posted on June 15, 2016 .