Zero - Crown The Empire


“Zero” by Crown The Empire
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Tori

Crown The Empire has taken the spotlight with their newly released song “Zero”, off of their upcoming album “Retrograde.” Vocalist, Andy Leo, said “We wrote this song for our longtime fans” and “Zero” gives us exactly that by sharing similarities with their first studio album “The Fallout.” The band is revisiting their roots and we know that they will continue to deliver their best!

The music video is colourful with a vintage look to it, as the band performs - flashing through various scenes. We also experience the uncommon sight of David Escamilla playing guitar, screaming, and doing some clean vocals in the music video which is a welcome addition and the screams were mind-blowing when paired with the other instruments. We can't forget about Andy Leo’s clean vocals along with the chants because that made the chorus so catchy! Despite the solid melody and production, the lyrics didn’t offer much content which led to the main downside of the song.

“Zero” gives us a slight hint for what’s to come in CTE’s new album and it sure made us more stoked for the release. The music video gets a 7 out of 10. Pre-orders for “Retrograde” is currently available and be sure to catch Crown The Empire’s set all throughout Warped Tour!

Posted on June 11, 2016 .