40 oz. Dream - Good Charlotte


"40 oz. Dream" by Good Charlotte
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Tori

"Grew up on MTV, When they had Eazy-E
In California, yeah.
They still knew how to throw a party. When it was Gin & Juice
And we had Dre and Snoop, In California, yeah
They still knew how to throw a party"

How can you not feel free, chillaxed out, want have the want to put this song on repeat?! Good Charlotte has left their hiatus behind and graced the music world with their presence once more- with the surprise of someone nobody expected to work with them. We can all remember the intensified feeling you felt when you were jamming out to ‘The Anthem’ and God knows how many girls used ‘Girls & Boys’ as their own anthem when a guy pissed them off...

The boys have brought a sense of nostalgia back into their lyrical content and this music video correlates perfectly. Good Charlotte dropped off the music scene in 2006 and nobody heard a thing from them, hence the video showing a post-apocalyptic theme throughout. They’ve convinced themselves that they are the last band on earth because everything has gone to hell since they’ve been gone.

It was genius on their part, because the sense of sarcasm that they are widely known for and the homage they paid to the comedy TV show ‘Last Man on Earth’ made themselves clearly known and it’s something the fans can feel in sync with. What a fantastic way to kick off a new album! This video deserves a 10/10 rating. You can get ’40 oz. Dream’ off their upcoming album entitled ‘Youth Authority’ set to drop July 15th.

Posted on June 11, 2016 .