Wasted Age - We Came As Romans


"Wasted Age" - We Came As Romans
Written by: Lexie

Want to know what's NOT a waste? Spending your time listening to good music!

Today, We Came As Romans released a new song, called "Wasted Age," and it is sure to hit you right in the feels! While the music itself is fast-paced and carries a groove that fluctuates from lighthearted to fierce, the vocals are what add the true intensity to the song. While the instrumentals aid in the song's delivery, the vocals are what will break your heart, as they sing of a drawn-out break-up.

The lyrics express a couple staying together, for no apparent reason, other than comfort. Instead of recognizing the lack of chemistry in the relationship, the break-up is drawn out, because the issue is met with silence.

Overall, I found this song to be a pleasant, emotionally-charged track to jam to, and I found its message to be relatable and impactful; I would easily give this song an 8 out of 10. If you want to check out "Wasted Age" for yourself, be sure to visit SHARPTONE Records' YouTube channel, and let us know what YOU think! Also, be sure to catch WCAR on their US tour!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .