Tidal Wave - Taking Back Sunday


"Tidal Wave" - Taking Back Sunday
Written by: Lexie

Let Taking Back Sunday sweep you away with their latest album, Tidal Wave!

This album is full of emotion and great tracks! Regardless of whatever kind of day you're having, something on "Tidal Wave" is sure to reel you in. There are lighthearted, especially upbeat songs like "You Can't Look Back," "Fences," and "Homecoming." There are also pieces that are gentler, and are sure to warm your heart, like "I Felt It Too." Not in the mood to hear anything too cheery? You can always blare "Death Wolf" and get head-banging! 😉

As a whole, there doesn't to be much of a unifying theme for this album, other than a great sound! The instrumentals and vocals consistently work in harmony to convey a spectrum of feelings, while maintaining an upbeat rhythm. I would give this album a 7 out of 10, because the music draws you in and makes you curious for what's next.

Haven't heard the album for yourself yet? What're you waiting for! Check it out and let us know what YOU think! If you like what you hear, remember, it's officially available for purchase!😉

Posted on November 30, 2016 .