This Is Hell - Chasing Safety


“This Is Hell” - Chasing Safety
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Kassandra

The up and coming post hardcore band, Chasing Safety, has dropped a new music video for their song, “This Is Hell”. This is the second song they have released off their upcoming album, “Nomad”, and it has lived up to the hype that the first song, “Brand New Poison”, created.

“This Is Hell”, musically, has the typical sound you can expect from a post hardcore band. The gritty screams, the sparkling clean vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and the occasional melodic lead guitars are all there. They did all these wonderfully, however, the screams seems too quiet at times compared to the clean vocals.

Vocalist Johnny Galivan stated, "'This Is Hell' is about being left on your own. After investing so much time and belief into someone or something you basically just stop believing in them." This connects with the music video because it follows a man who is on his own and wandering around, possibly due to losing the one he loves. This does speak volumes to many people out there, because some people are left in confusion after losing someone, despite giving them your all 24/7. It makes you want to wander around to clear all your thoughts. The video also showed the band performing the song surrounded by piles of bricks. The cuts are well timed and slow motion is used in some parts of the video to emphasize some words of the song.

“This Is Hell” gets an 8 out of 10. “Nomad” will be out on January 6th and can be preordered at

Posted on November 18, 2016 .