The Incubus - Famous Last Words


“The Incubus” - Famous Last Words
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Lexie

Famous Last Word’s long awaited third concept album, “The Incubus”, is finally here and it delves into a dark and interesting topic, much like their previous albums. If you haven’t heard any of their albums before, then you're in for a treat! According to the vocalist, JT Tollas, “The Incubus” focuses on Christine, a stay at home mother in the 1950’s, who needs to face the many gender stereotypes of that era, sexual and domestic abuse, and many vicious nightmares every time she fell asleep. Despite being a very touchy topic, Famous Last Words pulls it off in a creative way.

“Trophy Wife” kicks off the album, telling a happy story where Christine is celebrating her husband’s 9th anniversary since he’s been back home from being in the marines. However, things quickly changes at the end of the song and it gets darker as the next track, “Pretty In Porcelain”, begins. This is when Christine experiences the horrible nightmares. The story is told through the lyrics and it paints the picture clearly of what’s going on as each song goes by. There’s nothing better than listening to a story through music and FLW perfected this since their first full length album.

Famous Last Words keeps their signature sound for this album however, there aren't many of the deeper screams when compared to “Council of the Dead” and “Two-Faced Charade”. Some of the songs also aren't as catchy compared to their previous albums, but they are still amazing in their own way. JT's wide vocal range shines throughout and the guitar work is phenomenal as expected. “The Incubus” also features many well known artists such as Matt Good, Ricky Armellino, Spencer Sotelo, and Emily Piriz, making some of the songs even more unique with the wide range of talented vocalists. FLW also threw in an acoustic song which completes the album.

With the unique and compelling story, “The Incubus” get’s an 9 out of 10. This is an album that you need to add to your collection so pick up the album on iTunes and let us know your thoughts! You can also catch Famous Last Words currently on tour with Alesana, Oh, Sleeper, Artwork, and Two O'Clock Courage!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .