Revolution Radio - Green Day


“Revolution Radio” - Green Day
Written by : Abbey

It’s been four years too long, and Green Day fans are ready to start a revolution! Today the punk rock band released their first full length album since 2012, titled “Revolution Radio”. Four years is arguably too long for fans to live without new music, but the time and patience is most definitely worth it. 
"Revolution Radio" is so typical Green Day with unique modernist influences, the legendary punk rock angst they carry, and the ever impeccable musicianship that seems to have only ripened with age. From sick and thrilling guitar riffs, to the steady beat of the drums that seem to resonate with your very own heartbeat, to the sexy and strong vocals, this album blows any expectations you have right out of the water. Green Day is able to so quickly and effectively switch tones, demeanor, and overall sounds to match the different the contrasting vibes of each individual song. 
OG fans will be able to sense the almost patented Green Day sound, but revolutionized with new twists. Songs like “Somewhere Now” and “Ordinary World” showcase the incredible acoustic guitar and soft yet powerful vocals to carry an entirely different message. The entire album is so lyrically and politically charged that the change dynamically from song to song just adds to the further interpretation of each musical number. The band combined chordal “Ooohs” to different songs which takes us back in time and showcases their musical abilities, while simultaneously adding such modern and popular style breakdowns. The album keeps the listener on their toes, and you never know what Green Day will throw at you next.
With the heated political era we’re currently living through, there’s nothing more punk rock than the delivery of an album calling for clarity, demanding an overturn of mainstream media and violence, and asking to start a revolution. There’s no better time for this album to release than right now, and we’re so glad it did. “Revolution Radio” gets a very solid, very deserved, 9 out of 10. Let us know what you think in the comments and tell us which is your favorite song!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .