Public Apology - Attila


"Public Apology" by Attila
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Lexie

Why don't you tell the world how you REALLY feel, Attila?! Attila has released a new song entitled "Public Apology". One thing made crystal clear throughout this song was that Attila isn't sorry for a goddamn thing.

The beginning of the song is spoken word with no music in the background. Fronzilla is telling the listeners how sorry he is. At first it sounds like a legitimate apology for something, but then he tells them how sorry he is that they're "a little bitch". As soon as he says that, the music comes on and it sounds more like a rock beat, but that's no surprise. Attila is all about breaking the rules of music and they don't conform to a single genre, so when the lyrics start, it's a bit of a contradiction to the music because the lyrics are being rapped rather than sang.

It's a very unique vibe and not something a new listener would expect. Lyrically speaking, there are no metaphorical messages that come through. It's all very straightforward and to the point. 
The song is a 'in your face' feeling from start to finish, its rap vibe and rock beat. One could easily say the content is completely ironic. They call the song "Public Apology" and then say a bunch of offensive things that they aren't sorry for at all.

As contradictory as that sounds, it's still well done and it is definitely worth the listen! Attila earns a 6 out of 10! You can catch them on tour now and you can pick up a copy of their newest album, "Guilty Pleasure"!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .