Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 2 - Sixx:A.M.


“Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 2” - Sixx:A.M.
Written by: Miguel

Sixx:A.M. first released “Prayers For The Damned” back in April, and now they have released the second volume, Prayers For The Blessed, to give us an overall lighter style compared to Volume 1.

“Prayers For The Blessed” follows in the same footsteps of Volume 1, however, it features “softer” songs if you compare it to “Prayers For The Damned”. This is not surprising though because the album name and cover reflects this.

The first song, “Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)”, kicks off the album with epic guitar leads, especially the solo, and a catchy chorus - which finds its way into almost every song into this album. The verses aren’t the strong point but the guitar work and chorus makes up for it.

“We Will Not Go Quietly”, much like the first track, suffers the same fate of not having the most interesting verse. It still delivered a huge chorus and amazing guitar leads. Most of the songs in the album unfortunately falls flat on the verses, but there will be people who appreciates it for what it is.

“Wolf At Your Door” builds up midway and sets a powerful tone, and DJ Ashba, yet again, gave a majestic solo.

“Maybe It’s Time” takes a lighter approach featuring acoustic guitars mixed with lightly distorted guitars. James Michael's voice is calmer but yet remains powerful for the chorus. The chorus will be sure to stick in your head and you won’t help but sing along to it.

On the other hand, the following song, “The Devil’s Coming” is heavier in the intro, then takes it down a notch with clean guitars as it transitioned to the verse.

DJ Ashba takes the stage in “Catacombs”, featuring a short solo from him to pave way for the next song, “That’s Gonna Leave A Scar”. This song falls short on the verses yet again, but makes up for it with the great chorus and solos.

Sixx:A.M. covered Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” for the next song and they did an excellent job. The acoustic guitars and James Michael’s voice adds much more depth to the song and it makes it more interesting to listen to.

“Suffocate” starts off with sparkling acoustic guitars then got more uptempo and heavier as the chorus kicks in. The last two songs, “Riot In My Head” and “Helicopters”, are also slower songs. “Helicopters” is the perfect way to end the album because of its calm nature, and it will surely keep you relaxed. The layered vocals are calming and James did a wonderful job on the lead vocals.

“Prayers For The Blessed” earns itself a 9 out of 10. It’s not often you’ll get an album that's filled with catchy choruses, but Sixx:A.M. did so easily. DJ Ashba also did a terrific job on this album with the amazing solos and overall guitars on the album. The verses are the main negatives but the songs eventually made up for it. You can pick up the album NOW at any music retailer so get it and let us know your thoughts!

Posted on November 18, 2016 .