Perspectives - Hands Like Houses


“Perspectives” - Hands Like Houses
Written by: Miguel

Have you ever tried expressing your struggles with someone, but what you say isn't heard the way you truly meant it? Hands Like Houses dwells into this theme in their new music video for “Perspectives”, off of the band's latest album “Dissonants”.

The video takes a simple yet effective approach. It continuously shows glimpses of each band member performing in a foggy room with a few lights in the background creating an atmospheric feel. The fogginess in the video also ties into the motif of the song because it adds to the misunderstanding and cloudiness between the individuals. The music video also featured a couple who seemed to be distant due to being unable to view each other's perspectives on situations. Both actors’ faces were filled with emotion as they collected their thoughts but as the guy finally opened his mind to his other half's perspective, it was unfortunately too late. The pacing flowed perfectly with the song and it gives you a deeper understanding.

The good actors, the meaningful and catchy song, and the well thought out production all helped this music video for “Perspectives” get a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Be sure to check out the video on Rise Records’ YouTube and pick up “Dissonants” at a music retailer near you!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .