Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez


"Pacify Her" - Melanie Martinez
Written by: Lexie

We've ALL been there -- falling in love with someone who is caught up with someone else! It's an awful feeling, but Melanie Martinez has just released a music video that proves we aren't alone in our pain!

In "Pacify Her", Melanie -- as Cry Baby -- admires a "tired, blue boy," who is playing with a blonde girl. Cry Baby is sitting with her toys, eyeing the boy and resenting the other girl, who's getting his attention. Martinez sings about how her love interest's true desire is "getting on her nerves," and how he doesn't really love her. These pained lyrics give insight into Cry Baby's behavior, as she tries her hardest to get the blue boy's attention. He occasionally glances over at her, but he is predominantly occupied with playing with the other girl. Cry Baby sends Blue Boy a note, and again, the blonde-haired beaut disrupts Cry Baby's pursuit. When that attempt is ruined, Cry Baby tries to amuse Blue Boy -- and succeeds. As he smiles at her and laughs, his companion grows jealous, desperate to keep him for herself, and momentarily "pacified." Cry Baby thinks she's won Blue Boy over, but the other girl quickly resorts to showing him her body -- something he obviously cannot resist, because he forgets about Cry Baby, walks off with the blonde, and leaves Cry Baby devastated. This quick exchange between the three characters emphasizes the plot behind the lyrics being sung; Martinez knows her love interest cares for her in a more meaningful way, but he is too wrapped up in the superficial qualities of someone else. The blue tint of this boy's skin seems to allude to how he will never truly be happy with this other girl (like he would be, with Martinez), because the attraction is shallow.

The video may not have the happy ending that people would like, but it is a realistic depiction of such a heartbreaking loss. Overall, I would rate this song and video a 10 out of 10. The song is sure to get stuck in your head with its catchy beat and chorus, while the video will tear at your heart. Haven't seen it yet? Head on over to Melanie Martinez's YouTube channel, and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on November 17, 2016 .