Last You Heard From Me - Joyce Manor


"Last You Heard From Me"- Joyce Manor
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Lexie

Most people don't admit that their sense of curiosity can turn morbid at times, however, Joyce Manor has played the morbid card in their latest music video.

The setting opens up to the band getting their equipment out of a van, and they are standing at the front door of the manor. The door opens and a creepy butler welcomes them in.

While they begin to set up their instruments and play, the butler can be seen welcoming a variety of guests into the house. 
At first, it seems as if the people are getting together for a dinner party or a night in with friends. That is not the case, however, because seconds later, things turn grisly and morbid. The overall content was alluring and confusing all at once. The vibe was a bit of fear mixed with curiosity which draws people in.

The scene shows a dead woman slumped over the back of the couch with a knife in her back. As the clips change, the party goers can be seen running frantically around the manor. In every room someone enters, there is a body, or two.

One by one, the guests are killed off, then the staff of the manor are murdered in a gruesome order. By the end of the video, the band is still playing and it zooms in to one girl in particular. 
The girl takes a shot of alcohol and enters the room where the band is playing and she sits on the couch. As she listens to them play, a guilty look crosses her face and the members of the band look at each other, confused as to what happened.

At first, you could say the video was replicating a live-action version of the classic board game, Clue. Upon further inspection, it's nearly impossible to say what the concept was. Though, for those of us with a morbid sense of curiosity, the concept isn't important. It's the creep factor and murderous content that makes you want to cringe, but you can't look away.

Joyce Manor earns a 7 out of ten for their work on "Last You Heard of Me". Though it was a bit confusing, it was still enough to lure you in and keep you asking what's next.

Posted on November 30, 2016 .