Ill Wind - Radio Head


"Ill Wind" - Radiohead
Written by: Lexie

Radiohead has done it again!

This week, Radiohead released a B-side entitled, "Ill Wind." Everything about this track demonstrates how simplicity can still be moving and captivating. With a cold, haunting sound, this song will draw you into a trance.

There aren't many lyrics to "Ill Wind," but they are expressed in a tone and melody that will entice you. The song is about "keep[ing] your distance" and "keep[ing] your cool," in an attempt to keep an ill wind from blowing in, and keeping all misfortune at bay.

A song like this really emphasizes the poetic and artistic quality of music, since the vocals and instrumentals compensate for the overall simplicity of the song, and still manage to grip your attention. I would easily rate this unique piece an 8 out of 10! Check this song out for yourself and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .