Devil's Rejects - Lords of the Damned


"Devil's Rejects" - Lords Of The Damned
Written by: Lexie

Itching for a little horror mixed-in with your playlist? Well, 'tis the season 😉

Lords Of The Damned has brought you a song and music video that are fit for any rock or Halloween enthusiast! The eerie tone of the song and video is evident immediately, as scenes of Halloween decor, cemeteries, and blood-splattered faces flash into view -- but do not be alarmed! While that content is conventionally perceived as morbid and dark, the clips of the band's lively performance maintain an overall upbeat mood. Lords of the Damned are shown putting on an intimate show to an eager audience, adding to the band's hype.

The song will entrance you with its unique sound. The instrumentals blend classic Rock n' Roll with a contemporary edge, making it sure to please an audience of a wide variety! Complimenting the instrumentals are haunting vocals that drive the force of the song's delivery. As a whole, listening to this song will have you in the perfect mood for fall and all things spooky!

The video takes a sudden turn toward the end, further incorporating the fear factor! What seems to be an ordinary, exciting rock performance suddenly becomes the audience's worst nightmare! Each band member sneakily withdraws a knife, and all at once they spring into a murder spree! The blood-splattered faces from earlier were foreshadowing this gruesome scene, and now the video comes full circle. The video ends with the audience completely slaughtered, and the band maliciously admiring their handiwork -- oh, the horror!

Overall, I found the song catchy because of its unique sound and great groove. The video was entertaining and kept me eager for the approaching holiday! I would give this piece, as a whole, a 9 out of 10. Curious to experience the video for yourself? Head on over to Lords of the Damned's YouTube channel NOW and let us know what you think!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .