A Different World - Korn ft. Corey Taylor


"A Different World" - Korn ft. Corey Taylor
Written by: Lexie

It's definitely a different world with this new music video!

Today, a new music video -- featuring the talents of Korn and Corey Taylor --released and it is definitely a sight to be seen! 
The song itself is incredibly badass. A dark, vibey rhythm follows the lead of haunting vocals. Korn vocalist Jonathon Davis' voice meshes perfectly with the growls from Corey Taylor, creating an overall powerful delivery of the angsty theme.

The video itself is unique and eerie, showing resemblance to a traditional Tool music video. The somber imagery depicts a sort of clay-animated child (representative of vulnerability), who wanders around an indistinguishable setting. He's faced with a guiding light, as well as terrifying obstacles (seeming to symbolize inner conflict) -- including strange and threatening creatures.

Overall, the feel and tone of this piece is dark and foreboding. Because of its badass sound and artistic visuals, I would give this song and video a rating of 8 out of 10. If YOU haven't checked it out yet, Korn's YouTube channel and let us know what you think!

Posted on November 30, 2016 .