A Different World - Korn ft. Corey Taylor


"A Different World" - Korn ft. Corey Taylor
Written: Kassandra
Edited by: Lexie

Korn & Corey Taylor have put quite the spin on their newest track, "A Different World". The song should be called "A Weird World" instead of different because there was no shortage of weirdness in this song.

Fans of Korn and Slipknot can usually anticipate the raw, hardcore heavy sounds from each band, but this song seemed to lack all of those aspects. It did get heavier through the bridge and chorus, but the verses lacked the intensity.

The lyrics are plain and simple, no metaphorical phrases, no underlying messages, and no pre-determined undertones. The lyrics are straightforward in their content and their meaning. The song talks about how the world should be different in the way things are handled. It sounds as if they are talking about diplomatic matters, or even political matters. It isn't specified to what they are referring to, which leaves fans to form their own ideas.

The beginning was slow to start, but the music and beat set the right tempo for listeners to nod their heads to. The chorus was more of a spoken-word style instead of singing, and it brought something different to the song.

The overall vibe felt aggressive. They tell us how they're tired of being pushed around, backed against the wall, and so on, but they don't make any threats, plans, or changes to the situation. Perhaps this is irony.

"A Different World" earns a 6 out of ten for their work. While it wasn't what some might have expected, it was still orginal, raw, and something that fans will surely love.

Posted on November 30, 2016 .