13 Voices - Sum 41


"13 VOICES"-Sum 41
Written by: Reagan

THEY'RE BACK👊🏼The highly anticipated Sum 41 album, "13 Voices" is FINALLY HERE!🎶💿 Full of energy, Sum 41 have proved that they're back, they kick ass, and they're here to stay!

Taking the iconic Sum 41 sound that we all know and love, and tweaking it slightly, "13 Voices" is more of a hard rock album rather than pop-punk. It opens Sum 41 up to a whole new audience after being away for so long. Their sound is modernized.

Stand out tracks include "Goddamn I'm Dead Again," "Fake My Own Death", and "There Will Be Blood." The isolated drum hits in "There Will Be Blood" break up the album and transitions it from pop-punk to hard rock. "War", the slowest track on the album draws the listeners attention back in when the same ol' heavy crash symbol and upbeat guitar get too drawn out. It ties "13 Voices" together cohesively.

At times, the songs tend to blend together and sound the same, but overall each tune can stand on its own. The progression of sound as the album moves down the track listing tells the story of where Sum 41 was, and where they want to be.

"13 Voices" receives a 7/10 for the development of their new sound wile still bringing the punk rock energy that's been there from the start! Check it out!🤘🏼

Posted on November 30, 2016 .