“Be your own self. Passion creates Success.”
”Будьте самим собою. Завзяття створює успіх.”
— Tori Otamas

What Is Break Free?

Break Free is a promotional music business that shares the beauty and value of music with the world through photography, reviews, news, and more! 

Music has the ability to generate immense positivity and influence, to bring great change to the world. It's a place where you're not afraid to be yourself, find yourself, connect, let the rawness to reveal itself, and allow dreams to become a reality.

We believe the passion, power, and influence that music brings can build success to all those who enjoy it. Whether it gives you that extra push on your workout to gain results, or if you're in the industry, giving the gift of your talent to bring successful positive change, etc. 

Success can be found.

Be your own self! Musicians and artists are unique individuals that share the most intricate, disclosed, emotions that turn into the anthem of your life story.

Break Free is here to show you the value and change music has provided since the beginning to present day- carrying such value that one can't miss out on! Music is one of the greatest influences on individuals, for a reason- and we're here to prove it. Let's capture the moment of such power!

Who Is Break Free?

Tori Otamas • Owner, Photographer, Interviewer, Reviewer, Promoter, Business Inquiries, Management


Lexie Thompson • Vice President, Editor, Reviewer, Promoter, Management

Kass Merryfield • Promoter, Reviewer

Miguel Singh  • Reviewer, Promoter, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Abbey Goslin • Reviewer, Promoter, Interviewer, Marketing Representative

Jasmine Licon • Reviewer, Promoter, Graphic Designer

Want to become a part of the BFC crew!?! We are always accepting applications! 

BFC History

Break Free CO was created in August 2014, by Tori Otamas. Loving the way music connects people with themselves and others, she decided that to truly show people the beauty behind music - the impact it has, the mirroring emotions it may reflect to mirror yourself, and the incredible beauty that music, as a whole, is. She originally worked for three different promoting companies as a writer for three years- but just had too many ideas to not create her own empire; she had to make her own company. " I was more into the metaphors, dynamics, underlying roots to choices musically made, and the passion behind it all, versus just simple descriptions I was writing for other people. I started with the ambition of just writing more descriptive and creative music reviews. But it all quickly escalated from there. I was asked to be company's interviewer, personal social media manager and marketer, and then finally, photographer. One day, under pressure, I was asked to photograph a show because a photographer was sick, with no one else there representing the company- I was reviewing the show and interviewing the band. Ever since, I've been glued pursuing photography. I wanted to take credit of what was mine, I knew the companies could do so much better if they stood out and had a game plan. I was, and still am, young and hungry with determination. I had a game plan, an idea, and I was ready to make it a reality. I broke away from the companies I worked for to create something different and of my own". Break Free was born. Soon she hired workers, keeping it strictly promotions through reviews, interviews, and announcements. Then mid-2015, BFC decided to add photography. We have our motto, "Break Free: Find yourself again, through music", in both English and Ukrainian. This isn't only due to the fact that the owner is Ukrainian, but it represents our belief that music can be interpreted in many different ways and that it's its own language.  "Today, I am so incredibly blessed for the wonderful staff I've gained, the opportunities earned by BFC, the direction being taken, the BFC Kitty Krew family we've built, and the successes reached. It's only up from here".